The 5 bluebirds fledged!


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The 5 bluebirds fledged! Dad provides the last supper!

I got to see 4 of the 5 bluebirds fledge. Fledging wound up being a whole day affair. The first two left the box within seconds of one another at around 11am and the last I watched was at 705p. I saw #1, #2, #3 for sure. The 705p one may have been the last and I missed #4 which I think is accurate. (hey, I had to eat ☺)

Mom and dad were extremely busy keeping up with them all. Feeding at the box, flying into the trees to feed the fledglings and fending off the multitude of "interested" parties, including brown headed cowbirds, grackles and a swallowtail kite. They got into it once or twice with the mockingbirds, but then again, the mockingbird babies hatched just the day before in a closeby tree. I'm in bird nest heaven...there also are brown-headed nutchatches getting close to fledge too!

When 03-Apr-2011
Species  Eastern Bluebird 
Place  Central Florida
Region(s)  Florida 

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