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When you are out on a hike, on the road, or looking out at the back yard and you experience that wonderful natural encounter ... record immediately it, taking a photograph if the opportunity arises. You can add more color later, but record it then and there.

With the WildObs Observer iPhone application you can capture what/where/when with a few touches, and easily record details of your experience. You can upload those encounters to your WildObs database with a single click, when are back in wireless or cellphone signal range.


  • Automatically uses your GPS (or other location services) to determine your encounter's location.
  • Works off-line for those remote locations. (Downloads species lists & images for fast/offline browsing.)
  • Stores your favorites and recent species. Allowing you to add species not yet in the database.
  • Synchronizes with WildObs upon your return home.
  • Preserves the encounter for your enjoyment, adding to your wildlife lifelist.

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WildObs Observer
iPhone Application

Available on the App Store

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