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Apple SnailKentish PloverNorthern ShovelersGull-billed TernLion's Mane MushroomRoss's GooseGreen Lynx SpiderBoisduval's BlueCalifornia MantisYellow-bellied SliderTuliptree SilkmothNorthern Redback SalamanderNightingaleRattlesnake masterBlack RedstartHarlequin BlueflagGreat Basin Gopher SnakeSix-lined RacerunnerRed-backed Jumping SpiderHooded OrioleCalifornia TowheeCurlew SandpiperCalifornia Giant SalamanderSunset with Semipalmated SandpipersCommon CraneSemipalmated PloverColumbian Ground SquirrelEuropean Mantis Pied Avoceteuropean Turtle DovePectoral SandpiperShort-toed Snake EaglePlumbeous VireoHemlockNutriaCommon MurreGrey Dagger Moth CaterpillarTawny OwlCanyon TowheeWoodchat Shrike

Most recorded wildlife species

ElkPiebald DeerBlue HeronMule DeerBald EagleOspreyAmerican Robina young female coyoteRed FoxRed Tailed HawkTurkeyCanada GeeseMooseTurkey BuzzardA Mourning Dove Fledgling Hiding In The GrassCardinalPronghorn AntelopePhoto of the Day! Landing GearLittle Wood SatyrDragonflyRed-winged BlackbirdAmerican Black BearSongs of the MorningBrown PelicanSquirrel trying to hideBighorn SheepPine SquirrelA Raccoon Feeling For Food In The WaterAmerican White PelicanEastern BluebirdThe Great Horned OwlGreat Egret900by720-HumBird1084.jpgAmerican Kestrelgreencay2 021.jpgNuthatchUnicorn CaterpillarSteller's JayDowny WoodpeckerAmerican Goldfinch

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