Sandhill Crane     

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Sandhill cranes spend the summer in Alaska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and the Pacific Northwest. The majority of sandhill cranes migrate in the fall to Central America, but some chose to stay in the U.S. at select wetland areas of the Southeast, Texas, New Mexico and California. Look for sandhill cranes in freshwater marshes, prairie ponds, and marshy tundra habitats.

At least three subspecies of sandhill cranes can be found in North America, including the lesser sandhill crane, the greater sandhill crane and the Mississippi sandhill crane. They vary based on size and breeding locations.

How to see Sandhill Crane

Sandhill crane have a very distinctive sound ( hear it at ) and call while they are flying overhead. When you hear an unusual bird sound look up, and look high; their sound travels far.

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Names Grus canadensis

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